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The gym is now close!

Sert, our trainer has retired so the gym no longer exists. Thanks to everyone who trained and helped in the "magic gym"! 


Sakprasert is a traditional Muay Thai - Thai boxing gym located in the area of Boscombe, in Bournemouth, Dorset.


Far from the commercial gyms, and thanks to a genuine Thai teacher, the aim of our gym is to provide -

-a unique experience for those who want to discover "Muay Thai"

-a great opportunity to train the body equally for those looking after fitness or those looking for continual challenges and self-improvement

-fully personnalized, tough training for fighters.

For beginners, the basics are taught step by step, at your own pace. So if you have no experience of Muay Thai this is perfect for you.

Sparing is not compulsory, and although you could think the opposite at first, Thai Boxing appears to be a very safe activity that you don't need to be afraid of.

For fitness or for those wishing to improve their Thai Boxing skills, a routine is progressively put in place, with lot of accurate advice and, if you wish, you will be pushed to improve your abilities/your body. At this level, you can do some sparing and take part in one of our interclubs.

For fighters, the flexibility of our teacher, his experiences, and the specificities of his traditional teaching, together with his Thai massage skills, will be your best allies to go always further.

Furthermore, we believe our thai boxing gym is a unique way for you to gain confidence and positivity, push your own limits and learn more about yourself.

We invite you to come and visit us.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us !


We have 4 Champions in our gym


 Some of our current and past fighters



Muay Thai - Thai Boxing
678 Christchurch Road
(behind hamburgerology)
Boscombe, Bournemouth, UK
Phone: 07438 430792

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30th May 2015
Venue: The Carrington Hotel.
For info and ticket please call 07440 026 924